Costa Rican Microlot

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Costa Rican Microlot


This coffee is grown at Finca Sircof, located in the Central Valley near the town of Grecia. The uncommon variety of this coffee, Venecia, is related back to the Caturra variety, but has a much longer ripening period that allows for deeper and richer flavors to develop. Marcos Oviedo, the owner of this farm, processed this coffee using the red honey process. The skins of the coffee are stripped, leaving behind the sticky mucilage of the fruit, which is then allowed to dry on raised beds over time.

Flavors we taste: Floral & Citrus Fragrance, Sweet Notes of Stone Fruits, Brown Sugar, and Pecan.


Region: San Isidro Grecia

Grower: Marcos Oviedo

Variety: Red Catuai

Process: Red Honey

Altitude: 1300+

Soil: Volcanic


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