Mokaska Coffee Company


It all started...

Technically, in 1884. Mokaska Coffee originated in St. Joseph, MO as part of the first wave of coffee – an era in which production of roasted coffee skyrocketed in the US and consumers first began to understand the value of higher quality coffees. The business expanded to provide other grocery items and the name Mokaska became a commanding presence in the Midwest. Unfortunately, Mokaska was unable to withstand the financial pressures of the Great Depression and St. Joseph’s rich coffee history was lost to time.

We want to change that. Our goal is to provide specialty coffee to the Midwest by continuing the mission that Mokaska originally set out to do. We select high grade, single origin coffee and we roast it on a made-to-order basis so that we are delivering only the freshest product. We believe that St. Joseph can become a powerhouse in the coffee world once again, and we’re proud to continue the innovations that Mokaska Coffee started.